Summer is right around the corner! Okay, well maybe not right around the corner, but it will be barreling down on us before we know it. For the Society’s board of directors, this means lots of planning.

We need to locate willing lecturers for your summer entertainment. We need to contact those who help us with fundraising events, as well as those who plan the fundraising events, even though no one wants to think about it. There is the fun of lining up willing workers and docents for our museums and, of course, the piece de resistance, our summer exhibits! Historical Societies do not run on air, you know – well, except the historical balloon people (, but never mind.

Wait! Take your hand off your wallet! This isn’t a plea for money.

Although, who are we kidding? We would never actually say “no” to the stuff. But this particular Thursday, we are asking for something else.

Our brain trust has decided that we shall have an exhibit of Quilts this summer at the Prosper King House – Patches of History! We have a number of quilts of varying ages in our archives, which we look forward to sharing with the public each Saturday.

Here is where our readers come in: we’d love to have you help spread the word and ask any of your quilting friends or neighbors if they have a prized quilt or quilting paraphernalia they would like to loan us. Yes, loan. Not donate; loan. We really don’t have a terribly large amount of storage space anyhow and it is much more interesting to change up our displays by exhibiting gems from others. So, if you quilt, or you own a quilt, or wish you quilted or if you know someone who does, could you please ask them if they would like to be a part of our exhibit? Can you keep us in stitches?

Then there is the Lyzon Hat Shop Museum. We have no intentions of keeping that empty this year and our possibly-great minds have deemed that we should recognize our local history with an exhibit on Sports Fishing in our community. Gentlemen, welcome back to the program.
What exactly is a sports fishing exhibit you ask? Well, that will be mostly up to you. We are casting around to see if you have some items that you or a friend would like to loan us for the display. Whatever floats your boat. We already have a few willing soles lined up, but we are waiting with baited breath to see who else rises to the surface.

Sports Fishing has been a boon to our local economy for decades of summers. The advent of the refrigerated train car meant that fish could be safely delivered to points west. Fishing stations sprung up where anglers could rent a boat and head out for a day on the bay.
Do you want to Play Hooky? Can you keep us in stitches? Were we able to lure you in?

If so – please cast us an email or give us a call: 631-728-0887 – we’d enjoy including you in our exhibit (taller people to the rear of the display case, please).

Suggested textiles: Quilts of various ages, materials or methods of quilting. Do you have a fine example of a feedbag quilt? Your grandmother’s pieced quilt? Or perhaps you have a talent for applique.

For the fisher people amongst us: poles, lures, jigs, taxidermied items would be welcomed (and fresh fish, but only for immediate consumption). Do you have a favorite fishing hat that is lying idle? How about photos of the ones that didn’t get away?

Whatever you have. Whatever can fit. We look forward to your summer exhibit.

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