According to the calendar, another June is looming. But it doesn’t seem much like June, nor are we preparing for our typical June activities. We are disappointed to say that we are unsure if or when our museums will open this year. But never fear, our planned exhibits for this year, Playing Hooky & Patches of History, have been postponed until next year.

While our activities have been curtailed, our dedication to the Society has not. Our Board of Directors are busily trying to salvage what we can from this summer. We hope to open and we hope there will be an exhibit.

Look at it this way: even though we are not doing much in the name of history right now, what else can you call these past months but historic? Where were you when Pearl Harbor was attacked? Where were you when Kennedy was shot? Now you will get to tell people where you were when the toilet paper ran out. You are living in historic times, all at no extra charge.
Meanwhile, our properties still need managing, our archives still need archiving and, unfortunately, our bills still need paying. It is sort of like horses, who still need to eat, even when you are not riding them.

Which brings us to our primary reason for this letter. Memberships are due for the coming year.

Nope, nope. Sit back down. Keep reading.

We know that some of you have recently acquired financial distress – it is that kind of time right now. Still, our dues are not extraordinarily high and we ask you to chip in if at all possible. Whatever you can manage is good.

Some of you are not members of the Society, but were added to our list after visiting us, attending a lecture or sending an inquiry. Others of you have been the backbone of our organization for years. Whichever category you fall in, we hope that you will consider showing your support by renewing your membership or joining us as a new member.

After all, history – especially local history – isn’t going to just happen, you know.

Thank you for your continued support.

Board of Directors

Brenda Sinclair Berntson, President
Kelly P. King, Vice President
Maria Hudson Smith, Treasurer
Rosemarie King, Secretary

Liliaerty Green, Patricia Hagen-Tuccio,
Walter “Bud” Jackson Frances Oldeack

Membership Application – 2020