As April begins to fade into May, we figured we’d squeak in one last “month.”  April is National Poetry Month!  No, we don’t know on whose authority – just go with it.  Perhaps next year we should ask for submissions from our readership – what could possibly go wrong? 

For now, our devoted readers are stuck with the findings of our latest deepdive into the world of Google.

While considering poetry and Long Island in one thought, who would fail to come up with ‘local’ poet Walt Whitman.  But alas, we are sure you know more than enough about him.  But did you know that our local Hampton Bays News featured would-be poets?

Here is one example!
If you would live a happy life 

First get a husband or a wife. 

Lay down some rules to keep good health,

And health will bring you lots of wealth. 


Go out less and sleep much more, 

If you ride less you won’t be sore. 

Take a walk and think a lot, 

Don’t be a gold or you’ll be shot. 


Give much of Praise, don’t yell or Roar, 

Eat less each day and play much more. 

Wear less clothes; give the body air, 

Bathe often and please don’t swear. 


If you have worries, just laugh at them off.  

Do 18 holes of good old golf. 

These rules you’ll find will give you wealth, 

And wealth you know means the best of health.